Competent Communicator Manual

This is the starting manual for each new member and covers the basic skills a speaker needs to master. The 10 included projects are:

  1. The Ice Breaker
  2. Organize Your Speech
  3. Get to the Point
  4. How to Say It
  5. Your Body Speaks
  6. Vocal Variety
  7. Research Your Topic
  8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
  9. Persuade with Power
  10. Inspire Your Audience

If you did not yet receive your Competent communicator manual, or are curious to find out what a Toastmasters speech project looks like, you can download the External link ice-breaker project description.

Competent Leadership Manual

This is the starting manual for each new member and covers the basic leadership skills a member needs to train to become an effective leader. The 10 included projects are:

  1. Listening and Leadership
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Giving Feedback
  4. Time Management
  5. Planning and Implementation
  6. Organizing and Delegating
  7. Developing your Facilitation Skills
  8. Motivating People
  9. Mentoring
  10. Team Building

Members train their leadership skills by taking roles at meetings (e.g., toastmaster, evaluator, grammarian, ah-counter, etc.) and helping organize club events (e.g., contests, recruitment campaigns, etc.).

Advanced Communication Series

These manuals cover specific speaking skills that are career oriented, and enable you to refine and enhance your speaking skills.

There are 15 advanced manuals, each containing five projects.

  1. The Entertaining Speaker
    1. The Entertaining Speech
    2. Resources for Entertainment
    3. Make Them Laugh
    4. A Dramatic Talk
    5. Speaking After Dinner
  2. Humorously Speaking
    1. Warm Up Your Audience
    2. Leave Them with a Smile
    3. Make Them Laugh
    4. Keep Them Laughing
    5. The Humorous Speech
  3. Facilitating Discussion
    1. The Panel Moderator
    2. The Brainstorming Session
    3. The Problem-Solving Discussion
    4. Handling Challenging Situations
    5. Reaching a Consensus
  4. Public Relations
    1. The Goodwill Speech
    2. The Radio Talk Show
    3. The Persuasive Approach
    4. Speaking Under Fire
    5. The Crisis Management Speech
  5. Speeches by Management
    1. The Briefing
    2. Appraise with Praise
    3. Persuade and Inspire
    4. Communicating Change
    5. Delivering Bad News
  6. Interpersonal Communication
    1. Conversing with Ease
    2. The Successful Negotiator
    3. Defusing Verbal Criticism
    4. The Coach
    5. Asserting Yourself Effectively
  7. Interpretive Reading
    1. Read a Story
    2. Interpreting Poetry
    3. The Monodrama
    4. The Play
    5. The Oratorical Speech
  8. Storytelling
    1. The Folk Tale
    2. Let’s Get Personal
    3. The Moral of the Story
    4. The Touching Story
    5. Bringing History to Life
  9. Special Occasion Speeches
    1. Mastering the Toast
    2. Speaking in Praise
    3. The Roast
    4. Presenting an Award
    5. Accepting an Award
  10. Specialty Speeches
    1. Impromptu Speaking
    2. Uplift the Spirit
    3. Sell a Product
    4. Read Out Loud
    5. Introduce the Speaker
  11. Speaking to Inform
    1. The Speech to Inform
    2. Resources for Informing
    3. The Demonstration Talk
    4. A Fact-Finding Report
    5. The Abstract Concept
  12. Technical Presentations
    1. The Technical Briefing
    2. The Proposal
    3. The Non-technical Audience
    4. Presenting a Technical Paper
    5. Enhancing a Technical Talk with the Internet
  13. Persuasive Speaking
    1. The Effective Salesperson
    2. Conquering the Cold Call
    3. The Winning Proposal
    4. Addressing the Opposition
    5. The Persuasive Leader
  14. Communicating on Video
    1. Straight Talk
    2. The Interview Show
    3. When You’re the Host
    4. The Press Conference
    5. Instructing on the Internet
  15. The Professional Speaker
    1. The Keynote Address
    2. Speaking to Entertain
    3. The Sales Training Speech
    4. The Professional Seminar
    5. The Motivational Speech