Officer duties

A detailed description of officer duties is available in the External link Club Leadership Handbook.


The president serves as the club’s representative on the EPFL-Unil campus, and at the area, district and international levels in Toastmasters International. He/she leads and guides the club, ensuring a nurturing learning environment in which all members are actively supported in their communication and leadership goals. The president presides club meetings, introduces guests and visitors to the club, offers assistance in resolving conflicts that arise in the club, and announces upcoming events and contests. In addition, the president plans and conducts officer meetings and votes at area and district council meetings.

Vice President Education

The vice president education (VPE) supervises members’ communication and leadership progress, encouraging them to set goals and complete manuals in a timely fashion. He/she schedules meetings on EasySpeak several weeks in advance, ensures that the toastmaster role is filled and supports the toastmaster in the meeting organization. The VPE schedules speeches according to member preferences, ensuring that every member speaks regularly. After meetings, the VPE updates the agenda and leadership chart and closes the meeting on EasySpeak. The VPE also assigns mentors to new members and ensures that new members are correctly introduced to the various meeting roles. When members complete education awards, the VPE registers the award with the Toastmaster International headquarters and encourages the member to set new goals. In addition the VPE plans speech contests and schedules special education sessions in which a member gives a presentation from the advanced leadership or education manuals. The VPE may request assistance from other officers and club members to help him/her reduce the workload.

Vice President Public Relations

The vice president public relations (VPPR) promotes the club and its benefits on the EPFL-Unil campus and webpage, and informs the EPFL press of club events. The VPPR also leads the annual member recruitment campaign during the EPFL associations’ week in September, should the Club decide to take part in it. In addition, the VPPR ensures that the club respects the Toastmasters International trademark guidelines.

Vice President Membership

The vice president membership (VPM) is responsible for recruiting new members and monitoring membership levels. At each meeting the VPM welcomes and assists guests, explaining them the meeting outline and benefits of Toastmasters, answering questions they may have and inviting them to attend the next meeting. If guests express interest in the club, the VPM encourages them to join, helps them with their membership application, registers them with the Toastmaster International headquarters, and requests that the treasurer pays the membership fee to the headquarters.
In addition, the VPM answers emails from prospective guests and contacts members who have not been attending recent meetings and encourages them to re-commit to the club.


The secretary records minutes during club meetings and officer meetings. After each meeting he/she sends the minutes of the meeting to all members, and archives the files. In addition the secretary may assist the VPE to reduce his/her workload.


The treasurer handles the club’s budget and account. He/she collects and pays membership fees, and reimburses members who spent money on behalf of the club, as authorized by the officer committee.

Sergeant at Arms

The sergeant at arms reserves the meeting room, keeps the club material (lectern and gavel, time-keeper equipment, video camera, name tags, voting ballots, flyers for guests, drinks & snaks material, etc.), arrives early to prepare the meeting place, and stays until the end to stow all material. The sergeant at arms also ensures that sufficient voting ballots, feedback forms for speakers and evaluators, and awards are available for the meeting, and prints out name tags for new members.


The webmaster keeps the EPFL club webpage updated, including the date and place of the next meeting. After each meeting, the webmaster uploads the meeting videos on the club’s YouTube account (as unlisted videos) and sends the video links to all members.