Becoming a member

In order to become a Club member, the process is simple. We have a form to be filled in (sign in the “Verification of Applicant” box in the 2nd page, your digital signature will be enough, no need for a “real” signature on paper any longer!)

Download membership application form (PDF, 673 kB)

The filled PDF form can be sent back via email to the Officer with whom you discussed about the membership (VP Education or VP Membership preferably), no need to print the form any longer.

If you still prefer to have a paper form to sign, you can print the form, fill it in, and then either bring the signed form to the next meeting and give it to an officer (again, VP Education or VP Membership preferably), or scan it and send it directly via email to the VP Education or VP Membership .

You will also need to settle the membership payment which needs to be sent to our bank.

The annual membership fee for 2019-2020 is CHF 150, or CHF 130 for dual membership or PhD students, or CHF 110 for bachelor/master students, plus a CHF 30 fee for new members of Toastmasters International. The annual membership fee covers the period from April 1st to March 31st.

If the membership starts on a month other than April, the membership fee will be prorated accordingly. Your Officer will advise you on the precise amount to send to the bank account.

Half-year memberships (from April 1st to September 30th) are possible too, please enquire with the VP Membership.

Payments to the EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club should be sent to:

EPFL Toastmasters
PostFinance Account: 17-248303-8
IBAN: CH10 0900 0000 1724 8303 8

Don’t forget to indicate your name in the description of the payment!

More information if needed for the bank transfer:

Address: EPFL, Station 9, 1015 Lausanne